Recovery Republic

Funding Success: Recovery Republic Forever Manchester bid

Wil Woan Consultancy has successfully secured £4,500 for Recovery Republic as part of an our ongoing support of the charity. The emergency funding has been secured from Forever Manchester due to the direct effects of the COVID19 crisis.

Recovery Republic is a service based in Heywood in Greater Manchester. Their mission is to promote health and well-being for socially isolated people. By providing a range of clinical services; counselling, befriending, drug and alcohol support services, and developmental activities. Due to the COVID19 virus, Recovery Republic has had to take their in person-services and place them online within a matter of weeks.

To relieve the strain on Recovery Republic, the funding will provide an IT infrastructure and support for vulnerable people during this transition which ensured they still had access to support materials during this period. This funding will provide digital services including; health and wellbeing tips, exercise routines, teaching, personal development, community connectivity and other actives designed to reduce the isolation and support their community.

“This programme will enable Recovery Republic to provide a sense of normality in these abnormal times.” Wil Woan

If your organisation is struggling during this time or needs to move its services on to a digital platform then contact us and we can provide bespoke advice.

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