Funding Success: ANTZ Junction Development Grant

ANTZ Junction recently received £47,700 as part of a development strategy through the help of Wil Woan Consultancy. This grant will help ANTZ do a in depth review of its internal infrastructure and create sustainability for the charity.

Sustainability is worry for any organisation but when it comes to the voluntary sector making sure that the work can be continued for decades later means best practice and learning is important to move its services within the current demand.

As many organisations understand, funders only put aside funding for specific projects. Yet, there is funding available out there to help organisation become more sustainable by granting funding for internal restructuring.

This funding success will help Antz to do an analysis on its partnering structure, improve data collection processes, branding changes, create a bespoke software and internal governance system review. All of this will ensure that Antz has the capacity to meet the needs of its stakeholders and learn to provide sustainable services for future generations.

“These funders are just as vital as the project based and more high profile funding pots. This means that organisations, like Antz, can create a sustainable and consistent services for their stakeholders for decades to come.” Wil Woan.

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