Educational: hosting online learning for ANTZ Junction on COVID19 Funding

ANTZ Junction as well as many other charities has been affected by the onset of COVID19 lockdown and government social distancing measures. As a lot of ANTZ work is done face to face through a mentoring scheme, they had find a way they could deliver their services online.

After the recent success of receiving an Awards for All bid, through the Wil Woan consultancy (click here), ANTZ is an example that sustainability is achievable in periods of transitional uncertainty. All these changes to infrastructure has meant new emergency funding is needed to deliver a quick turn around and help in adapting their pre-existing services. However, due to the unknown fact of how long this crisis will prevail and the aftermath means that organisations are having to look further than the present emergency funding and think about how to make improvements during a time of unexpected changes.

As part of Wil Woan consultancy, Wil hosted a webinar for ANTZ junction last Thursday to help them by providing insight knowledge in creating sustainability, building capacity during a crisis, and generally good bid writing skills. Good bid writing isn’t only about the application writing style but understanding where your projects is best suited to get funded and which funding pots is best suited to your aims.

“It’s important for all staff members to have an understanding of creating sustainability for the charity through securing future funding. Not only that, but we need to look at ways to create better capacity for their on-going services which has had to adapt quickly to a crisis that turned our worlds on our heads”. Wil Woan

If your organisation is struggling during this time or needs to move its services on to a digital platform then contact us and we can provide bespoke advice.

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